UFSCar Graduate Program in Sociology is among the top-rated programs in Sociology in Brazil, being evaluated by CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel) with grade/mark 6 in the triennium (2011-2013).
Founded in 2007 from the accumulated experience of its professors in nearly two decades in the former program of Graduate Studies in Social Sciences (PPGCSo) and also in the Undergraduate Program in Social Sciences at Federal University of São Carlos, in a few years Ufscar Graduate Program in Sociology acquired recognition, and national and international visibility.
The Program currently counts with twenty faculty members, eighteen permanent and two associates, all nationally acknowledged researchers in their fields, with extensive teaching and training experience, and academic production of high relevance.

Departamento de Sociologia – UFSCar


Founded in 2007, PPGS has emerged accumulating the history of experience of its faculty in the former Program of Graduate Studies in Social Sciences (PPGCSo) and also in the Undergraduate Program in Social Sciences at UFSCar.
The purpose of the Graduate Program in Sociology is an outgrowth of the Graduate Program in Social Sciences, linked to the Center of Education and Human Sciences and approved by CAPES in 1987, having its first master degree class activities started in 1988. In 1991, the course was redesigned focusing on the area of Political Sociology.
In 1999, the Doctorate Program in Social Sciences was launched, and since then it has grown in quantitative and qualitative terms. In eighteen years of master’s program and six years of doctorate program, new faculty and students have joined. The academic production has become increasingly significant in national and international terms. One of the striking features of the Program is its permanent update on the ongoing discussions in the Social Sciences field, both on theoretically and methodologically grounds.
This growth has brought new challenges. Sociology is traditionally a majoritarian discipline in the Social Sciences and focused on the analysis of a constantly changing reality, posing new challenges for the knowledge, and requiring more and more the configuration of a body of excellence and increasingly professionalization within the disciplinary field.
The most recent CAPES Triennial evaluation attributed mark/grade 6 to PPGS, which reaches the level of one of the best Brazilian Sociology Programs.
Being among programs of academic excellence in Brazil, UFSCar Graduate Program in Sociology takes part in national and international agreements and exchange programs focused on the training of our students.


Programa de Pós Graduação em Sociologia – UFSCar
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