Postgraduate Program in Sociology – UFSCar

Summary of the proposal

The Postdoctorate Program of PPGS (PPD Sociology) aims to regulate the insertion of postdoctoral students in the academic activities in the Program, contributing to the following specific objectives: i) to promote a better use of the scientific expertise of each postdoctoral student in his/her passage through DS/PPGS, laboratories and research groups associated in the Program; ii) to strengthen the initiation of the formation of the postdoctoral students in a set of fundamental activities of a professor carrier (research, teaching, extension, advising and events organization); iii) to stimulate joint research and publications among postdoctoral students, professors and graduate students in the DS/PPGS at UFSCar.

Characteristics of the Postdoctorate Program

The program will be coordinated by a PPGS professor, indicated by a Committee in the Postgraduate Program. All PPGS postdoctoral students, associated to any supervisor, research group or laboratory, and regardless of grant received, will be Sociology PPD members, and will have to enroll themselves in the Postdoctorate Program at UFSCar, according to ConsUni Resolution 787, October 31, 2014.
The receiving of application requests to Sociology PPD is steady stream, and can be done in any time of the year. In order to do, the candidate must submit a research project to PPGS coordination with a supervisor’s name suggestion from the Program. The research project will be examined by a PPGS Committee which will decide on the acceptance or not of the Postdoctorate application.
The researchers accepted in the Sociology PPD will have to develop the following activities:

1. Participation in activities of routine of laboratory or research group of his/her supervisor, and of PPGS (including events, Sociological Wednesdays, etc.);

2. Participation in monthly meetings of PPD, with annual agenda previously defined, in which will be exchanged the trajectories and activities of research before and after the application, promoting: i) improvements in the quality of the bibliographical production, and in the quality of the methodological, theoretical and analytical experiences of each PD; ii) the enlargement of academic interlocution networks and international and national research cooperation of postdoctorate students; iii) the events organization at DS/PPGS, hosted by postdoctorate students, that result in joint production among professors and graduate students.

3. Offer of a conference in the Sociological Wednesdays (Individually or in roundtables);

4. Offer of a weekly discipline (4 hours) per semester, from disciplines under the supervisor’s responsibility or another professor from DS/PPG;

5. Possibility of direct advisory of a scientific initiation linked to the laboratory or research group of the supervisor;

6. Possibility of co-advisory, together with his/her supervisor, of a master’s degree work from PPGS, without any linkage to the program;

7. Possibility of organizing events and participations in administrative committees of DS/PPGS (Àskesis, Contemporânea, Sociological Wednesdays, extension projects, etc.)