1) Scholarships will be allocated according to the incompatibility criteria established by CAPES and CNPq, as set forth in the Resolutions in force at the time the scholarships were granted.

2) The criterion for distribution of scholarships is the order of classification in the selection exam. The person that ranks first takes precedence over whoever ranks second in the same class, and so on.

3) The available scholarships will be allocated among the classes of the current and previous year. If the total number of CAPES and CNPq scholarships available in the PPGS is 10, for example, each class will be able to receive up to 5 scholarships. The scholarships will be distributed alternately, the first allocated in the class of the current year, the second in the class of the previous year, and so on.

4) If a class accumulates incompatibilities with these rules for receiving half of the scholarships, a proportion of more than 50% of the scholarships may be assigned to another class.

5) Scholarships will only be allocated to the class of the preceding year up to July 31 of the current year, regardless of whether or not the quota of half of the scholarships available in the PPGS has been reached.

6) If a candidate with the right to a scholarship cannot, for whatever reason, accept it when it is granted, it will be passed on to the next candidate in his class, according to the classification. This candidate will have precedence, in his class, to receive the next scholarship destined to him, provided he already meets the necessary requirements to accept it.

7) If the total number of scholarships in the program decreases, the rules may be reviewed.

8) Holders of Master’s and Doctoral scholarships are expected to dedicate themselves exclusively to the activities of the PPGS, since CAPES/CNPq scholarships imply a minimum workload of 40 hours per week, except through authorization of the PPGS Scholarship Commission, in the terms set forth under paragraph 11.

9) The duration of the Master’s and Doctoral scholarships awarded by the PPGS will be 12 months. In the Master’s program, this scholarship is renewable only once for 12 months, while in the Doctorate a maximum of three renewals is allowed, always provided all the above criteria are satisfied. It is the responsibility of the PPGS Scholarship Committee to evaluate and decide about the possible renewal of scholarships.

10) In order to award scholarships during the course, the Scholarship Committee will assess the candidate’s performance from the standpoint of scores and attendance at the courses, to confirm whether or not he deserves it.

11) Holders of Master’s and Doctoral scholarships can be authorized by the PPGS Scholarship Committee to dedicate a maximum of 8 hours per week to the accomplishment of remunerated scientific and professional activities.

12) Teachers admitted to the basic public education network will be allowed to dedicate up to 12 hours per week to remunerated scientific and professional activities.

13) Requests for authorization should be sent to the PPGS Scholarship Committee prior to the beginning of the activities or before signing the Scholarship Term, using a specific form available on the PPGS website. The form must be signed by the Scholarship holder and by his or her Advisor. A document from the paying source specifying the nature of the services provided and the number of hours worked per week should be attached to the application form and to each grant report.

14) Students who receive a score of C, D or E in any subject during the course are not eligible for a PPGS scholarship. Scholarship holders who receive a score of C, D or E will have their scholarships automatically canceled.

15) All students that hold a PPGS scholarship (CAPES, CNPq, UFSCar or any other source) must complete the credits of the Sociological Wednesdays disciplines.

16) Failure to comply with these obligations will result in cancellation of the scholarship.

17) Any exceptional situations not foreseen by the above stated rules should be specifically dealt with by the Scholarship Committee and the Coordination Office of the PPGS.


Download documents here.

Download guidelines for the preparation of annual CAPES/CNPq scholarship holder monitoring reports here.