The students need to know and follow the deadlines. Among them, some must be pointed out:

Biannual Enrolment

Following PPGS calendar, the student must do his/her enrollment through ProPGWeb system, that will be evaluated and validated by his/her mentor. If it is not validated, the student will need to do some adjustments indicated by his/her mentor. This procedure applies to master’s degree and doctoral students.

Keeping the credits

According to the regulation, the student has a deadline to conclude the credits in disciplines, and other activities such as the pre-defense and defense of thesis or dissertation. For a master’s degree student, he/she will have to attend, at least, 36 credits in disciplines, and will have to finish them within 18 months, counted from the date of his/her enrolment. For a doctorate student, he/she will have to attend, at least, 60 credits in disciplines and will have the deadline of 24 months, also counted from the date of his/her enrolment. In the case of doctorate students, their credits in disciplines done during the master’s degree can be incorporated at most 36 credits, since they are equivalent to PPGS’s master’s degree disciplines.


Master’s degree pre-defense must occur within, at most, 18 months and in the case of Doctorate, within 36 months, at most, always counted from the date of enrolment in the course.

Proficiency exam in a foreign language

Master’s degree student must be approved in one foreign language in the proficiency exam, excluding Spanish language. Doctorate student must be approved in two different languages, being English one of them.
Internship abroad
Both Capes and PPGS motivate the students to do internships abroad, according to their research interests and insertions in international networks. The research funding agencies offer specific grants to do internships, based on the country chosen and the background knowledge of the student. This kind of internship is more common in doctorate courses, for which most part of the scholarships is addressed; however, some funding agencies hold grants of internship abroad for master’s degree, such as FAPESP. You can find out more information in the websites of the funding agencies and with the Pró-Reitoria de Pós-graduação da UFSCar.


The master’s degree defense must occur within 24 months of the course, and the doctorate defense within 48 months of the course.

Important Note

The preparation of a text for pre-defense or defense demands planning. It is a prerogative of the Committee to receive the text to read before one month, what consequently show that the work has already been read by the supervisor and the corrections and adjustments required have been done by the student.
Respecting the deadlines is, above all, respecting the work of everyone involved in the academic formation: the supervisor, the administrative assistants and those ones who take part, as members, in the pre-defense and defense committee.
To keep the deadlines also collaborates to a positive evaluation of the Program by Capes, since this is an item demanded in the triennial evaluation.