Vera Alves Cepêda

Vera Alves Cepêda 2017-05-31T15:06:49+00:00

She graduated from USP with a BSc in Social Sciences (1992), followed by her MSc (1998) and PhD in Political Science (2004) from the same university, and earned a postdoctoral degree in Political Science from IESP/UERJ (2016). Dr. Cepêda coordinates the research group “Ideas” and institutions for development and democracy (CNPq); she is also engaged in research to analyze historical processes of articulation between the theme of social and economic development and the dimension of the role of the State, and between rights and public policies and the capacity to produce social change. This agenda includes the study of lines of thought, paradigms, institutions and institutionalized academic elites that thematize or influence the configuration of socio-political projects.

Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences (DCSo).

Research line: Urbanization, ruralities, development and environmental sustainability

Research Areas: development; democracy; social thought; elites; public policies; state capacities.