Samira Feldman Marzochi

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Earned her BSc in Political Science (1995), Sociology (1995) and Anthropology (1996) from the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences at the State University of Campinas (IFCH-UNICAMP), and was holder of a Scientific Initiation scholarship in the field of Sociology of the Environment from the Nucleus of Population Studies NEPO/UNICAMP (1993-1995). She earned her MSc and PhD degrees in Sociology from the State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, a sandwich doctorate from Capes-Cofecub-Paris VII (2002), a post-doctorate from IFCH/UNICAMP (2010-2012) and another from PNPD-Capes/PPGPol/UFSCar (2013-2015). She is currently the head of NAMCULT (Nucleus of Studies in Environment, Culture and Technology) at UFSCar.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology, and Permanent Professor of the PPGS

Research line: Urbanization, ruralities, development and environmental sustainability

Research Areas: Environment, culture, technology, subjectivity