Maria da Gloria Bonelli

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Titular Professor

She holds a PHD in Social Sciences from Unicamp, 1993; a Postdoctorate from American Bar Foundation, Chicago, 1996; and a Postdoctorate from International Institute of Juridical Sociology, Oñati, País Basco, 2006. Titular professor in Sociology at UFSCar, where she joined in 1992. She leads the research group of Sociology of Professions, which gathers students and researchers that investigate the processes of professionalization of the “new professions”, such as Journalism, Physical Education, Phonoaudiology, Marketing and Propaganda, the occupations that search professionalism (paralegal professionals, justice conciliators), and the classical professions, such as legal careers and medicine. She focuses on the historical dimension and the contemporary changes with the expertise internationalization, the local and the global in the professional world, the relations with the State, the female participation in carriers and the impact of the difference, the identity constructions, the subjectivity and the emotions.

Program Specialty Area: Social Structure, Power and Mobilities

Areas of investigation: Sociology of Professions