Maria Aparecida de Moraes Silva

Maria Aparecida de Moraes Silva 2016-12-28T12:05:32+00:00

She earned her PHD in Sociology of Development (IEDES) – University of Paris 1 (Panthéon – Sorbonne) (1980)

Professor in the PPGS

During almost four decades, she has dedicated herself to the sociological studies focused on research, teaching and interlocution with the society. Although formally retired since 1997, she has tried to further her reflections in relation to a critical sociology, able to handle the field preoccupations of the rural sociology, considered as one of the particularities of the universe of the human sciences. In this way, categories of class/race/gender/memory/work are dealt both analytical and historical perspective. This posture conducts her to interpretative keys that are not reduced by the rural strict sensu. By means of constant academic dialogues with professors – Brazilians, foreigners, mainly the ones from Latin America – besides students and advised students, she has been rewarded in this long journey with the pleasure to see her knowledge being consolidated. In addition to, her preoccupation with the research subjects, workers and rural workers, has inserted her in a deep Brazil, many times rejected and unknown. It is the knowledge of this unknown that has been invigorating her with considerable strength. Moreover, the harmonious living with her friends from PPGS at UFSCar was and has been one of her bases to keep herself in the academic field.

CNPQ Grant in Productivity Research 1 A. Nowadays, she is a visiting professor in the Postgraduate Program in Sociology at UFSCar, as a Senior Researcher with Capes Grant (2014).

Program Specialty Area: Urbanization, Ruralities, Development and Environmental Sustainability

Areas of Investigation: Sociology of work (rural and urban); Migrations; Memory; Gender; Race/Ethnicity

Research Group: Land, Work, Memory and Migration.