Fabiana Luci de Oliveira

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Adjunct Professor

She holds a PHD in Social Sciences from UFSCar (2002-2006), with a doctoral internship period at Northwestern University (2004-2005). Postdoctorate in Political Science from USP (2009-2010) and specialization in Research Methodology from University of Michigan (2008). Manager of social research and public opinion at Ipsos (2006-2008); coordinator of the Research Center of Justice and Society at FGV Direito Rio, and professor at the same institution (2010-2013). Professor in the Department of Sociology and Postgraduate Program in Sociology at UFSCar since February 2013. CNPQ Grant in Research Productivity (Level 2).

Program Specialty Area: Social Structure, Power and Mobilities

Areas of investigation: Judiciary and decision-making; Access to Justice and citizenship; Indicators of Justice; Survey and public opinion

Research Group: Group of Studies in Law, Justice and Society