Anete Abramowicz

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Titular professor

She holds a PHD in Education from Unicamp (1993/1998) and a postdoctorate – Sociology of Childhood – University of Paris-Descartes (2009/2010). Titular professor in the Department of Theory and Pedagogical Practices at Federal University of São Carlos, in the area of Didactic and Curriculum: subarea Childhood. She took a degree in Social Sciences from University of São Paulo (1979), a master’s degree in Education: History, Politics, Society from University Pontifícia Católica de São Paulo (1992) and a doctorate in Education from State University of Campinas (1998). In 2010 she concluded 13 months’ postdoctoral internship in the CERLIS (Centre de Recherche sur Les Liens Sociaux) at Paris Descartes University, in Paris, sociology of childhood field. She has experience in Education, with emphasis in Education for the childhood, working mainly in the following themes: child and childhood; sociology of childhood; differences; racial, age and gender relations. In 2010 she received a Grant of productivity. She was coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Education at UFSCar from 2003 to 2005, coordinator of the FORPRED of ANPED and vice-coordinator of the GT from 0 to 6 years of ANPED. She is editor in charge of the Electronic Journal of Education (REVEDUC).

Program Specialty Area: Culture, Differences and Inequalities

Ongoing research project: Municipal Public Policies of Child Education: diagnosis and research OBEDUC/CAPES/INEP

CNPQ Grant in Productivity Research: The field of the Childhood and the Difference