André Ricardo de Souza

André Ricardo de Souza 2016-12-28T11:57:21+00:00

Adjunct Professor

He holds a PHD in Sociology from USP (2006) and a postdoctorate from PUC-SP (2010). He coordinates the Group of Religion, Economy and Politics (NEREP/UFSCar) and the Brazilian Association of Researchers of Solidarity Economy. He works in the Sociology of Religion area, also researching economic initiatives with self-managed inspiration. He takes part in the Integrated and Multidisciplinary Group of Solidarity Economy (Numi-Ecosol/UFSCar) and in the Council of the Association of Religion Social Scientists of Mercosul (ACRSM).

Program Specialty Area: Social Structure, Power and Mobilities

Areas of investigation: sociology of religion; solidarity economy

Research Group: Group of Religion, Economy and Politics (NEREP/UFSCar)

Research Project: A Christianity in Brazil in its economic and supporting aspects with political derivations (FAPESP)